Aqua Massage is a quick, convenient way to get a full-body massage. All you need to do to prepare for the Aqua Massage is remove your shoes, belt, and any sharp items from your pockets -no need to undress. After your shoes are removed you will lay down on the bed of the Aqua Massage machine. You will put on headphones to listen to relaxing music or the music of your choice, during your massage. The canopy of the machine will come down over you. Then a bar with 36 warm water jets travels from your toes to your neck and back again and again for the duration of your massage.

No. There is a waterproof barrier between you and the water jets. It is a thin layer, so you will get all the benefits of the warm water pressure, but it does keep you from getting wet.

Only 20-30 minutes. A 20-minute Aqua massage is roughly equivalent to a one hour massage with a massage therapist.

Book on line or call for an appointment to guarantee an appointment or feel free to walk in.


Yes! There are many different intensity levels that can be programmed into the machine. You can receive a light, gentle massage up to a very intense pressure for those of you who really have knots in your back or neck. The pressure can even be adjusted for different sections of your body. For example, if you really need to work on your lower back, but are a little more sensitive to so much pressure everywhere else, the massage can be simply adjusted to suit your preferences. In addition, if you want to focus the massage on a certain spot, the machine can be paused any time you choose.

Aquamassage is the perfect option after a workout at the gym or after a hard practice. Our athletes enjoy the relaxing and soothing effects of our Aquamassage because it relieves their body from soreness, relaxes the muscles and energizes their body.

Aquamassage is actually a very affordable massage option! Click here to see our Aqua Massage Menu

Yes! There are 36 jets of warm water spraying at your body from many angles. The jets travel up and down your body multiple times during your massage, giving you a full body massage. The sound and motion of the water are also very soothing an relaxing. In addition, you can further relax by controlling how long the water jets stay in the position you choose.  A remote control in your hand will allow you to pause the spray bar at will!

Did You Know…

Aqua Massage International customized an Aqua Massage bed for athlete and entertainer Shaquille O’Neal!?!

The Aqua Massage is a 10-minute to 60-minute full body water massage with 36 pulsating water jets.

You choose between seven different preset profiles ranging from pain relief to muscle relaxation or a combination of both. The session profile can be changed at any time as well as the Massage profile on different parts of the body.

Why use the Aqua Massage?
The Aqua Massage can be used for muscle relaxation, pain relief, increased circulation, and increased flexibility.

How long is a session?
One session is from 10-minute up to 60-minute.

Can I do multiple sessions in one day?
Aqua Blue recommends doing one session a day.

What do I wear?
You use the Aqua Massage fully clothed. Aqua Blue recommends emptying packets, belt buckles and anything else that might be uncomfortable to lay on.

Is the Massage for my head?
No. You lay face down on a cushion with your head out of the booth. Most clients that are claustrophobic can easily do the Aqua Massage because the head and face are exposed the whole time.

12 pressure zones

Our sophisticated dry water massage technology lets you easily select the pre-programmed massage service to suit your unique requirements, such as stronger pressure on the lower back and gentle pressure in the neck region.

Handheld Controler

For clients who desire more individual control over their experience, a handheld control enables the client to pause the massage jets on the desired location, increase or decrease the pressure in any zone, and select any single or double direction effects of massage for optimum pain relief and/or relaxation.

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