Aqua Blue Massage Membership  Rules & Regulations  Each membership provides individual sessions that are scheduled as a 20, 30 or 50-minute Aqua Massage sessions.Each session must be scheduled according to normal scheduling parameters (during business hours and subject to availability). All sessions must be used within the membership time frame which is identified as 4 weeks a month. The memberships are non-transferrable and each session can only be used by the registered member. A session cannot be transferred or gifted to another person. Each membership is complete at the end of the membership time frame which will be noted on the member’s membership account, whether or not all sessions were utilized. Aqua Blue Massage Inc. reserves the right to rescind a membership based on reasonable grounds such as illegal actions, damage to equipment, extremely disruptive behavior, etc. Our practice attempts to preserve a spa-like atmosphere and we ask that all patrons recognize this and behave accordingly. Memberships are only available for purchase by those persons 18 years or older, however, a membership can be purchased for a young adult who is at least 10 years of age or older.  For additional information or for questions or comments please contact:  Aqua Blue Massage Inc. 2506 W. Fairfield Dr. Pensacola, FL 32505 Phone: 850-437-6922

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